A Poster for the Final Construct

  As an architecture student, presentation is very important for us. While presenting our ideas to other people whether they are architect or other people we should be very impressive and clear. So, in order to do this, we are making posters or we are using other things beside our constructs for our presentation. We are doing this because sometimes these posters or other visual things can help us to explain our ideas more.

  In our Arch111 course we are assigned to make a poster for our construct. It was our final assignment. For poster, we drew orthographic sets , a section and an axonometric drawing of our construct. We arranged them what we want.

  While making my poster, I tried to keep it simple. There is one reason for this aim which is I don’t want to lose my control on the poster. If I used more colors or such things, I thought I would lose the ability to control it. And also I only use my construct photos colorful so that they can attract people. Also, I don’t want to make poster as a combination of drawings (because we have lots of drawings) I preferred to divided my poster pieces and arrange them in an aim which is about presentation. I thought, how would I present my construct without seeing it as a 3D. That’s why I designed my poster in this way.

  I have couple of mistakes that I notice after the submission. One of them is the spelling of ‘orthographic.’ and the other one is the place of the ‘dense and sparse units’ writing. I think I missed that part while designing the poster because I was mostly thinking about the position of the photos and drawings.

  Anyway, it was the first poster for something that we should present so, I will be more careful for next ones.