Find Reviews and Spatial Experiences, Categorizing Them

This semester, we will do a project which is combination of lots of little assignment. So, how did we start? By searching a review. Yes, as a beginning of the semester, we assign to search a review of something. It could be better, if we can search about something that we interested in. After that, we were highlighting the expressions of spatial human experiences. Finding the review was the easiest part whereas I lost a lot of time while searching the review. It is because I have not any idea about spatial experiences so first I found a football review which I have no interest. And it was a big mistake since we should also know the terminology of that area.

 After the studio critics we had a chance to revise it, that’s why I immediately changed my review from the football to a poem.  ‘The Road Not Taken’ is one of my favorite poem so I found an analysis of it.  After that I highlighted the spatial experiences such as ‘a lonely path that we take great risk’. This expression, in my opinion, a good example for this assignment. Because the writer of the review is not using only ‘a path’ or ‘empty path’ he is using the ‘a lonely path’ so that we can have different experiences about that path also that path is not just a path we are taking a great risk by choosing that path etc.

As a second step of this assignment, we categorized that words that whole studio found. It was hard because there is at least 1500 word that we should categorize. Fortunately, we were group of 4 so it became easier. The categories we can use was ‘condition, combination, change, relation and formation’ we were free to add new category but as my group we didn’t add any other category. The hardest part of this assignment was choosing the category because there are several different expressions that we couldn’t understand and how they were about the spatial experiences because the chooser of that word didn’t explain why he or she chose that word.