Peer Evaluation

 For each semester, architecture students are making a project for jury. As an architecture students, we work on that project hall year and after that we present it to the jury. But this semester, the jury was our peers. It was not counting as a final jury whereas it was an assignment which has a big grade for us. Now, let me criticize this peer evaluation as a student.

 To present our work to our peers was really excited experience. We were listening their project, their aim, their strategy, in short their all ideas and their works for their projects.  We tried to understand what they want to do and whether they achieve their aims or not. After we listened them we can ask questions about the works and if they have some misunderstanding or so on, they can explain themselves in the question time.

 Everything was alright but… There is a point which I don’t like: giving grades to our peers. I don’t like it because everyone has some ideas about criticizing and we can give different notes it is not a big deal but also we are evaluated but our instructors about what we give to other students. The main point was they can’t know how we evaluate them what was our criteria etc. So I am not sure whether it was a good idea or not.

 On the other hand, it was very useful because we can explain ourselves very well and because the jury was our peers we can easily understand each other. So, it was very excited.

These are the photo’s of my construct and axonometric drawing of it.diagram 2.jpg

And this is the diagram of my project. You can see my strategy here. I have 2 parts one of them is sparse and the other one is dense. I have a transition units which has the same elements with both part of the construct.