A Paragraph, A Diagram!

After categorizing the word, I was thinking about what we will do for them. And here is the answer:

As you can understand we are working on spatial experiences. For studio session, our instructors brought us some word that we categorized. We have no idea about how they chose them because some of the words have only a meaning when they were in the review itself. Anyway, they gave us these words and a paper sheet which has some sentences. We were assigned to form a paragraph with the words that our instructor chose. That was not that easy because that phrases only have a meaning when they in their review, as I said. After that, we should make a diagram about the paragraph which is also not easy because we should understand the paragraph very well. Actually, this studio assignment was only helping us because next assignment will be again about that paragraph. Here is the paragraph that we formed:

This is a whole in which locked in an exotic embrace, yet still nearing the endless phase and being dominant on reflecting a profound appreciation on vibrancy. The components are altering each other’s movement, forcing visual distinction with a striking difference. There are also variations where they shift directly to the view, wrap in roaming in the surrounding shadows. There is one exceptional intense in which dominating the tie.

And we assigned to produce a diagram for this paragraph. I want to explain what we thought while we were doing it. Firstly, there is a ‘+’ in the middle which is for a locked and 4 ‘<‘ symbol. We use this symbol in order to achieve a movement idea and also they have different lines to represent some how an exotic embrace.