6 Painters and 150 Paintings

Hello to everybody! In this post I will show you some fun stuff that I made for an assignment. The name of the course is ARCH432 – Mediascape. In this course we learned to deal with the data and the visualization of the data. And for the final assignment, we were asked to produce a set of data about a topic. For me, it was hard to find a topic that I can produce a data set but at last, I found an interesting topic which is about painters and paintings. So, let me first explain the topic and the process.

I search for the color data of certain painters’ paintings between the year of 1900 to 1950. I limited the date because, I tried to figure out some juxtaposition of the colors in that time. I chose 25 paintings of each painters and that for each painting I produced a color data set. The data set below is showing the 6 painters and the paintings of them.


After producing the color data, I tried to find 10 dominant color of the paintings for each painter. It means I produced another data which I can use. Then, I moved to visualization of the data. I used alluvial diagram to show the complex relation between color and paintings. For each painter I used the same type of diagram. We can call it the third stage of the process.

For last stage, I tried to observe 10 dominant color of the years between 1900 to 1950. Then, again with alluvial diagram, I tried to show those colors relation with painters. You can see the final poster below.


Ambiguity of 3+1

For Arch432-Mediascapes course, we are assigned to look ambiguity concepts in our lives and produce data of this concept. We firstly read “Muğlak Standartlar Enstitüsü” and “Betonart” journal.  I tried to visualize the square meter of 3+1 and as you can see there is a lot of conditions for it even they all are called as 3+1.