Detailing of a Project

For Building Technologies and Architecture course, we assigned to produces set of detail drawings of our project. It was really hard assignment, but it was also very productive. We learned a lot of details for a project.

We firstly, draw a generic system detail. Since our buildings are meant to be concrete, we try to show them as concrete in detail, too. We have a spot detail from our elevator system and a wet space and staircase detail. You can see the more details in the poster below.


Accessibility for Everyone

For the course Arch372 – Building Technologies in Architecture, as group we are assigned to analyze the previous semester project, which is Culinary Center in Gaziantep, in terms of accessibility and Universal Design Criteria. As group of two, Doğa and I worked on the Doğa’s project and re-design some part of it according to assignment.

You can see the presentation below.

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