A project forArchitecture and Structure Course

For Architecture and Structure course we tried to understand a structural system. We made a model of that structural system and a poster for that system. We choose the dome. Domes are so interesting for me. We saw a lot of example of it in History of Architecture course and we are seeing domes around us. That’s why I am happy to work on that topic.

Firstly, we analyzed what is a dome. Dome is a structural system that coming from arches. When we take an arch and rotate it around a center by 180-degree we reached a dome.  

We choose ribbed dome as a specified version of topic. Ribbed dome is the skeleton of most of the domes. Also, it can be used as it was.

Ribbed dome is formed by ribs and rings. These ribs and rings help transition of the forces to the ground. By combining rings and ribs system create an action and this action make dome stronger.


While designing the model, we first used wire but then we notice it was not strong as we want so we decided to use photo block. We cut it through laser and we brought ribs and rings together.



Poster for Flying Buttresses

Alright. For Arch241 I have no talent apparently. I took 45 out of 100.Actually, it was normal for me. I have no talent for forces or so on. It was the same with my high school physics lessons. Because all class somehow below the average our instructor gave us a chance. We can design a poster about a structural system and we will take bonus grade.

I searched about flying buttresses. Those system was generally used in gothic architecture. Thanks to this structural system in that time, they were able to build high churches and they were able to come up with glasses. Flying buttresses are carrying forces to the ground.