Perspective… What?

In arch112 course we learned to draw perspective. In previous years, after learning perspective students were assigned to draw their research building however we were assigned to draw our pre-jury models. I am not sure whether it is easy or not but I tried to fo my best. 

As you can see this is the partial drawing of my jury construct. I couldn’t draw all of it and because I wanted to learn this technique I just draw partially. Eventhough it was hard to understand, I think I  achieved some points.


Plan of the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership

We were assigned to draw a plan drawing of buildings that we were working on it. And this is my drawing of Arcus Center. The scale of the plan is 1/100.  The most difficult part of this drawing was curvy parts which is all over the plan. We drew grids behind the drawing in order to help us and we bought a ruler which can be curvy. But it was hard to control that ruler that’s why we have some lineweight issue for this drawing. But we have no choice so we just did. In some parts of the building I chose to abstract. Like I drew some curvy lines as a straight lines. 

Arcus Plan

Arcus Center in AutoCAD

As a different from senior students first year second semester, we learned AutoCAD. I said it is different because as I learned in our school, architecture students start to learn AutoCAD in second year of the school. Actually, I was planning to learn it in summer, because even though they taught us how can we use AutoCAD, it is not enough. It is as the same as photoshop, we should learn it by our own selves so we need more time. (I learned photoshop in the semester break) So, it means that I will learn it in summer.

Then, what did we draw in AutoCAD? Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership. We drew this center’s two elevations in AutoCAD. It was an easy assignment if we can manage the AutoCAD well but we did our bests. We have only one elevation of this center and we should take references from that elevation in order to draw the other one. It was okay because taking references from AutoCAD because it was guiding you.

Another important issue is about line weight obviously. It was not hard but while you were drawing in AutoCAD, line weights are not showing until you save it in PDF format. That was something that we have confused but it was a minor problem.

Here are the elevations of Arcus Center: