A Poster for the Final Construct

  As an architecture student, presentation is very important for us. While presenting our ideas to other people whether they are architect or other people we should be very impressive and clear. So, in order to do this, we are making posters or we are using other things beside our constructs for our presentation. We are doing this because sometimes these posters or other visual things can help us to explain our ideas more.

  In our Arch111 course we are assigned to make a poster for our construct. It was our final assignment. For poster, we drew orthographic sets , a section and an axonometric drawing of our construct. We arranged them what we want.

  While making my poster, I tried to keep it simple. There is one reason for this aim which is I don’t want to lose my control on the poster. If I used more colors or such things, I thought I would lose the ability to control it. And also I only use my construct photos colorful so that they can attract people. Also, I don’t want to make poster as a combination of drawings (because we have lots of drawings) I preferred to divided my poster pieces and arrange them in an aim which is about presentation. I thought, how would I present my construct without seeing it as a 3D. That’s why I designed my poster in this way.

  I have couple of mistakes that I notice after the submission. One of them is the spelling of ‘orthographic.’ and the other one is the place of the ‘dense and sparse units’ writing. I think I missed that part while designing the poster because I was mostly thinking about the position of the photos and drawings.

  Anyway, it was the first poster for something that we should present so, I will be more careful for next ones.


Learning the Axonometric Drawing

  Axonometric drawing is somehow 3D drawing of  something. After learning this technique, I really thought that I can draw the object as 3D. That was so impressive that I really enjoyed while during the assignments. First, we did a class assignment which is very easy after that we assign to draw House III by Peter Eisenman which is not that easy 🙂


   This is the class activity that we did.


And this is House III. It was also our midterm sheet we’ve drawn the ortographic sets and section of it. I will upload my drawing after I take it.

Photoshop Collage

In my opinion working on about this was the most enjoyable assignment until now. It is because we were free to do what we want. Of course we need some references because thanks to those references our composition can be legible but we are free to use any references we want in the original photo. Also it was in both hand-working and photoshop assignment so that we can learn both of them,too. I couldn’t do the hand-working one because I think my original photo is not for hand-working but I could work on it in the photoshop because we can change the dimensions or by overlapping we can create some new references etc. So this one is the original photo and my collage


I tried to make the middle building more effective because in my opinion that one is the main element of this photo. I also tried to use staircases so that the composition has some continuity  inside. After that by using overlapping I made some new vertical lines. Also I used transparency a lot so that I can achieve some new elements.

An Orthographic Drawing

A few weeks ago, we learnt orthographic drawing. In a quick look, I thought that it was easy but actually it wasn’t. We should understand it very well. After we took the lecture, we were assigned to draw our drawing table. For the first time, we measured every detail of table which all of them are not really necessery because of the orthography. What I mean is that thanks to reference lines we can find some measures,too. HPSC1714This is my second drawing that I gave to instructors. Because our first drawing was not good it was like 3 different table,instructors gave us a second change and this time we drew it just in 3 hours (first time I drew it like in 7 or 8 hours). It was better than first one because this time I understood it well. While drawing, we should only follow the reference  lines. Still I have some lines that are not necessery, as you can see they have question marks from our instructors. 

Architectural Photography: Triptych Photos

We had a lecture from Duygu Tüntaş about architectural photography and we saw her photos in that lecture. After that, we assigned to take a triptych photo and combine them with photoshop. I took these photos and combined them in one frame. Also I changed its brightness so that it can be looked clearly.foto3.jpgTriptych means three-fold is usually used for a work of art that is divided into three sections. In photography, the concept is used for works that consist of separate images that are variants on a theme or one large image split into three. These three shots, which are related to or variants of each other are arranged within one frame. (This explanation is taken from our assignment sheet.)


Here is the first trying photoshop skills that we did. For this assignment, we assigned to do a poster with using photoshop program. We are allowed to use only one color and the lines which are already in the photo. When I did it the first time, it has some problems. The main problem was basicly changing the photo. So, I did a revision of this poster and here it is;poster7501


This is our first arch111 assignment and also this is the first abstraction that I did. We assinged to do an abstract version of photos .that are given from our instructurs and I chose this mountain photo. In this assignment we should be awae of the line weight and the line quality. As you can see our instructors has some stamp for these mistakes. My work is not perfect I know it but I am still happy with it because I really worked on it. First I did it with tracing papers and then when I became sure, I did it with drawing sheet. I thought it was okay but obviously it wasn’t so I did again with the beginning. In short, I did it over and over again. So, I learned that ”don’t think that you will be successful in your firs try.”4 (1).jpgabs

A Poster Analysis

First of all, when I look at the poster just quickly, the first thing that I notice is colors. Colors made the poster more attractive. So, people most probably want to look at it again to see what it is about. And then you can easily understand the point of the poster which is a meeting cocktail. You can clearly see that.

The point that I was a little confused is the written parts. The white written part of the purple is understandable whereas white written part of yellow segment is hard to read. But that yellow part is the part that has information about the meeting cocktail, because of that I think white part can be a different color in yellow segment.

To sum up, the poster is giving the main idea and information of it. That’s why it is quitely convenient to use.