Final Jury of the Semester

In the final jury, I tried to focus on space qualities and reaction of the field. In my field there are some breaking points and these breaking points spaces diffusing from singular to plural. While making these spaces are melting the field through inside to outside. Alo there is 2 escaping spaces. One of them has a known about whats going on inside but the other one only has a sense of the spaces inside.


Hans in the Constructs

  After the group works, we turned to individual in order to work on human scale. We have some cardboards or sticks or something else for representing the ‘Hans.’ Working on both human scale and experience helped us to think multiple. What I mean is that, as a designer of the construct, now we have two variable one of them is scale and other is spatial experiences. We should put ourselves to has’ shoes so that we could observe what will be their experience.

  In my first construct, I tried to design some close spaces and I tried to make them in a relationship. Also, my main idea was trying to make a flow. I used the semi-transparent elements to support this flow idea.

  Of course, it was not only one construct. We revise it over and over again. This is the second construct I designed. This time again, I tried to make a flow. I tried to make a transition space which has a relation with all other spaces also, this time I used curvy-linear elements as a supporter. As a negative point of this construct was I treated space as elements. What I mean is that, because my idea was a flow, I try to catch it with elements instead of spaces. That’s why the spaces are not in a relation, they were only the same surface side by side. In addition to that, one of the curvy-linear element is not working like I want.


From Paragraph to Construct (2)

After the first critique, I and my group friends designed our construct again. This time we try to think the paragraph as a whole, instead of working on some expressions like exotic embrace 😊 So, that’s why, we made 2 different parts one of them surrounding the other and it makes the overall construct as we want. Also, that black linear elements are coming from the outside and going inside the brown ones and again going out. It was the way that we did the locked in an exotic embrace and nearing the restless phase.

In addition, we designed some spaces which are very close and they can relate with each other with the help of the linear elements. 


From Paragraph to Construct

My last post in Arch102 is about a paragraph and a diagram. In the same day we were also assigned to produce the paragraph in 3D. We were free to work any material we want if we can explain it. That is hard because we really didn’t know how to use some materials. That’s why as a group of 4, we decided to use black and white cardboard and sticks. Now, I will explain our ideas about the construct.

Firstly, in a whole, the construct should be locked in an exotic embrace. So, in order to do this, we create four different close space units and these units are coming together in the middle. We thought that using planar elements in a + shape we can emphasize the idea of locking.  But we mostly focused on the locking however forgot the exotic embrace we couldn’t move on the other part of the paragraph in the critique.

Also, there is black cardboards which are surrounding the white ones. And with this part we wanted to create a visual distinction. But because it should be a striking one we also make those parts bigger. However, there is a big critique about it. Because we use both proportion and color properties, our instructor said that it is too much. In addition to that, these black cardboards have less information than the white ones. So, it makes the idea of surrounding. But there is a funny moment in the critique. We use the word ‘shadow’ and because the black ones are black we took a lot of reaction. But that moment, we didn’t mean the real shadow. We studied a lot about shadow like how it can work on and we try to inspire from it but we couldn’t explain it. Anyway…


These are the photos of the construct.Yeni belge 2018-02-23 13.34.00_1 And this is our diageam. That letters represent the units and they are surrounding by the ‘shadows’ Also, we use + shapes in a different angels so that we could achieve a movement.

————————————————Fun Things———————————————-

After the critique we went a coffee and there was a wall which people can write whatever they want. And we decided to write these things which are nightmare for us :):)

A Paragraph, A Diagram!

After categorizing the word, I was thinking about what we will do for them. And here is the answer:

As you can understand we are working on spatial experiences. For studio session, our instructors brought us some word that we categorized. We have no idea about how they chose them because some of the words have only a meaning when they were in the review itself. Anyway, they gave us these words and a paper sheet which has some sentences. We were assigned to form a paragraph with the words that our instructor chose. That was not that easy because that phrases only have a meaning when they in their review, as I said. After that, we should make a diagram about the paragraph which is also not easy because we should understand the paragraph very well. Actually, this studio assignment was only helping us because next assignment will be again about that paragraph. Here is the paragraph that we formed:

This is a whole in which locked in an exotic embrace, yet still nearing the endless phase and being dominant on reflecting a profound appreciation on vibrancy. The components are altering each other’s movement, forcing visual distinction with a striking difference. There are also variations where they shift directly to the view, wrap in roaming in the surrounding shadows. There is one exceptional intense in which dominating the tie.

And we assigned to produce a diagram for this paragraph. I want to explain what we thought while we were doing it. Firstly, there is a ‘+’ in the middle which is for a locked and 4 ‘<‘ symbol. We use this symbol in order to achieve a movement idea and also they have different lines to represent some how an exotic embrace.


Find Reviews and Spatial Experiences, Categorizing Them

This semester, we will do a project which is combination of lots of little assignment. So, how did we start? By searching a review. Yes, as a beginning of the semester, we assign to search a review of something. It could be better, if we can search about something that we interested in. After that, we were highlighting the expressions of spatial human experiences. Finding the review was the easiest part whereas I lost a lot of time while searching the review. It is because I have not any idea about spatial experiences so first I found a football review which I have no interest. And it was a big mistake since we should also know the terminology of that area.

 After the studio critics we had a chance to revise it, that’s why I immediately changed my review from the football to a poem.  ‘The Road Not Taken’ is one of my favorite poem so I found an analysis of it.  After that I highlighted the spatial experiences such as ‘a lonely path that we take great risk’. This expression, in my opinion, a good example for this assignment. Because the writer of the review is not using only ‘a path’ or ‘empty path’ he is using the ‘a lonely path’ so that we can have different experiences about that path also that path is not just a path we are taking a great risk by choosing that path etc.

As a second step of this assignment, we categorized that words that whole studio found. It was hard because there is at least 1500 word that we should categorize. Fortunately, we were group of 4 so it became easier. The categories we can use was ‘condition, combination, change, relation and formation’ we were free to add new category but as my group we didn’t add any other category. The hardest part of this assignment was choosing the category because there are several different expressions that we couldn’t understand and how they were about the spatial experiences because the chooser of that word didn’t explain why he or she chose that word.