Ten Points on an Architecture of Regionalism: A Provisional Polemic – Kenneth Frampton

Kenneth Frampton who is an architect and historian, explains his ideas about critical regionalism in this chapter. According to books, critical regionalism mentioned as between local and global. Regionalism is a reaction to International Style that makes all designs in the world monotonous and regionalism supports the idea of vernacular types of architecture. Different from vernacular architecture, however, it is in conscious. Critical Regionalism on the other hand, supports that the building must be in a relationship with its culture and relation and also in relation with global world.

Frampton touched upon ten points in order to understand critical regionalism. I don’t want to explain all those 10 points but the one that I interested in.

First one is relation between critical regionalism and vernacular form. Critical regionalism can be mixed with vernacular architecture. But as I mentioned it is not an idea that gathering the materials together in a region, but with a context and with a conscious.

The myth and the reality of the region is another point that Frampton mentioned. The city and the citizens of the city has their own ideas about city. According to Frampton, critical regionalism should look for the true limits of a region, how we gather the ideas with the reality, is it affecting much or not. And he said that regions like schools have to be created. It is an important quote for me because we can clearly understand that the region does not only involves the current and real things but also the myths and other ideas.

Point 8: Artificial/Natural is another point that I would like to talk about. What we have understand is that, nature should have a direct effect on design process. Even though technology is improved, and we can solve most of the situations by using technology, it is always a must to go for a search about the nature and by using the current natural situation, the design became sustainable.

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