Watching the Third Year Final Jury

After our juries is done, I had to chance to go the 3rd year studio’s final jury. Actually, I wanted to go pre-jury of them, too but I don’t have the chance. Their proposal was designing a workroom in Bursa. The definition of the work was up to them and they can choose the user type as well. Since their site is in the Bursa, they considered the historical side of the city as well.

I listened some projects, but I wanted to mention one of them which is took my attention. It is from Elif Ezel Özenir. The main thing that take my attention was a double skin wall that she designed. Jury asked for the reason of that thick wall why it is that much thick and so on. I also thought about that thickness of the wall but she answered since this wall is the dominant part of her design, she decided to make this wall thick. She showed the detail of this wall however she took critic from this decide. They said that this was not necessary. The workroom that she has, was a buried structure. The only thing that can seeable was that dominant wall. There is one more critic about one of the drawings that she has. It is a space that one side of it glass and the other side of it wall. But the furnishing for this two side was the same. Jury suggested that they couldn’t be the same since the quality of them was different. Also, they criticized the user condition of this space as well. She designed this space for administration and jury said that it can be used by visitor as well since that space has potential.

I really enjoy listening senior studios’ juries. I liked their models as well. They have a general topography of the area and they have small scaled model that fit the blank space that they designed the structure on it. I am curious to see what we will do in next years.


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