Buddy Report for my Jury Buddy

As TEDU Architecture, for all the juries we have jury buddy to take notes for us during the jury. Jury buddy has an important role for the one that in the jury, because during the jury we are not fully capable to understand what was said in jury. So, we have jury buddies. For final jury of ARCH202 I was jury buddy of Dilara Aldemir. You can read my report for her and for more detailed information, because I think her design was good, you can go her blog. 

Her site is Mardin and the road is on the north, semi-detached house is on the west, detached houses are on the east, panoramic view is on the south. She has 3 main references. Firstly, she quoted ribs from Vennesla Library. This library was formed by ribs. This ribs provide circulation in the library and also have programmatic element as bookshelf and reading area. Second reference is Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s flowing idea between the levels. This library is like amphitheathre. Every floor has a relationship between the each other. That’s why she thought that “What if the ribs of Vennesla defines the different level of spaces instead of the only circulation.” and she refered different level of spaces with Alexandrina. Third one is Seashore Library. When she anlyze the library, she realizes the some special part that provide relation between the outside and inside. She tried to combine this part with the slit idea. Her library was formed by units and 2 part. The cause of the 2 part is sound issue. So, library is 2 part as a quite silent and we can say that somehow noisy. This part attached to each other from under the ground.

Her design approach was seeing through the section drawing. Jury said that she could add more sections in order to have a change to the roof, however because of the area limitation that much of change was not possible. They wanted to see ribs more obvious in plan and as a result they thought there could be some changes in the roof as well. The idea about buried down the building found as a positive approach to respond the climate since the city is in Mardin. Jury also find her idea about separating two units and an outdoor space between them well and they suggested to add more outdoor spaces, they said that it would be also good for climate. There are some opening that formed by the relation while two masses coming together. That gaps found very promising however since the drawings and model have some differences those gaps in model found too much bigger. She was also aware of this situation. So, she said the real one was the drawings. In order to look for climatic condition, jury suggested her to look Hassan Fathy, since his designs has been built in the same condition with Dilara.

There are photos of the model and the poster below:

Ekran Resmi 2019-05-31 18.25.30 (1)

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