Architecture of Books by Sevil Enginsoy Ekinci

As you can see from my posts, we have a lot of lecture this year and according to our syllabus this one is the last lecture. It is from Sevil Enginsoy Ekinci. She is our instructors’ instructors and she is so cute. She gave us a lecture about books -obviously- and some library examples that she went, or she had a chance to work in.

She started with an explanation a book which is A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel. I am currently reading one of his books which is Library at Night and our instructors uploaded his books and I have an aim to read them, too. She showed us some libraries as well. One of I remember is about the METU library. She put two version of METU Library. The first one is an old one, actually it was dark and not usable. Second one has dogs on the couch. And she said, ‘it transformed from human based to world based.’

She talked a lot about different libraries the one that I liked was Laurentian Library. It was long and linear space, so in one point you can observe the whole library. There is a restoration in the library which is an additional room, but the problem is it was breaking the linearity and the whole idea of the library. I didn’t like it and also she said it was like a ‘müteahhit’ work.😊

Also, we talk about Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin’S Library and restoration of it from different architect and how those architects make their interpretation. It is a library that include the books that Alptekin read from his life. He was a book fool like our presenter and he didn’t want to share his books and so on. So, some of the architects used this specialty and worked on it

In addition to libraries, Sevil Hoca showed us some drawings by Osman Hamdi Bey. You may say how a drawing related with books. I may say it was a drawing that include a girl is reading. You may guess the name of the painting name ‘Girl Reading.’ This painting count as modernist drawing and it is only because there were a girl and she is reading what a situation… I don’t want to talk more about this topic actually, so that’s all I have. See you in another post. 🙂

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