Take Notes for Me!|Jury Buddy Reports

As TEDUArch we had a tradition about juries. Every student has a jury buddy that take notes for he/she. It was a useful idea for student because during the jury we can’t totally understand what jury members said because of the nervous environment.  Was the buddy of Şeyma Dilara Aldemir and now you are about the read her jury.

Dilara’s general idea is that gathering up the spaces around the circulation system. Every program work in itself like mini factories and this program places around the circulation system. She tried to solve volume in one another. It provides relation between the programs according to her idea. The spaces which is interlock to the vertical circulation system, forms regenerative bundles and power station which have a different activity. These activities are not isolated each other thanks to the idea of solving volume in one another.

The main critique that she took from jury was about the diagram that she has. In her diagram she had spaces that interlocked from one main system, but they couldn’t see it neither her drawings nor her model. They said there are spaces that are coming together but not in the way that the diagram shows. Other problem was location of the building on topography. Jury asked her why she locate her structure in a crosswise manner and said that there are some undefined areas in topography and she can solve it by locating the building. Jury was satisfied with the drawings but there were some problems about where that section was passing through plans and the name of the plans. Lastly, they added some proportions and dimensions are problematic in sections. But it was because they couldn’t see where those sections passing because after she shows those spaces in her model they said okay.

You can see her process in her blog by clicking here.

And here is a photo of her jury and me at the right taking notes as a jury buddy 🙂img_5105

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