Observing Other’s Painful Moments|Review of Arch101 and Arch401

So… As you can guess this week was jury week for department of architecture students. And this juries are open for everyone. I like attending other studios’ juries. It made me feel like I am not alone, and I can get inspiration from them. This year I got a chance to attend first year and fourth year studios final jury. You can guess there is a lot of difference between those studios. I mean while one is more abstract, the other has more realistic idea and so on. I want to start with first year studio.

The name of the project in Arch101 was S, M, L, Volume. Their aim was to create intersecting volumes according to two themes. They had some operations like scale, rotate etc. I only had a chance to listen one person because I had a project to work on at the same time. The problem is I couldn’t remember the person that I listened 😊 I remember the project and what she did, but I forget the name. So, let me explain the project.

The themes she used was hierarchy and non-hierarchy. The hierarchic one has a main volume and around that main volume she had sub volumes that were similar to each other in terms of dimensions and proportions. Non-hierarchic one has no main volumes and sub volumes were just interact with each other. Jury said that they can see the main space in the hierarchic one, but the problem is about sub spaces around the main space. That’s all I have for Arch101.


(A photo of first year studio)

Let’s move on to Arch401. Their project’s name was Change Climate Change. They worked on how architecture respond the climate change. They approached the problem different sides like ethics, economics, politics or so on. They have different site lie Mevlana Bulvar, Dikmen Valley and Ege Valley. Because they have different sides, they have different approach the problem. I like the idea of the project and that’s why I listened a lot, but I don’t want to write all of them, so I will write just one which is Umut Onat’s project.

He chose 5th part of the Dikmen valley. When he analyzed the site, he noticed that there are 3 different life style that are separated from each other. These 3 life styles are apartment, slums and residential. He tried to integrate those 3 life-style in one, so the project was like integration of cultures. He had two activity group that are regain and cultural activities. Jury questioned about the idea of climate change in the design and he said if the garbage is not used they burned them. But thanks to his design they can regain those garbage. Also, by cultural integration, he tried to break the separation of those 3 life-style and this idea liked by jury. They thought it can be helpful to transfer information easily and it make the idea of regaining or recycling shareable.


(Umut Onat’s project)

Those all I have for juries. Attending first year and last year studios’ juries was like going past and future. I saw myself I first year studio while listening freshman and it was emotional. And by listening last year I felt like one day I will be one of them and it will be my last year in department of architecture.  

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