End of the Third Semester

Third semester is over!! I really have no idea about how fast this semester was. I remembered the Kerpe travel like we did it just a week ago. We did a lot of things this semester. Let’s make a review of what we did.

We did our first site trip. We went to Kerpe as studio. It was nice to go and see somewhere that you work on. We made a site model to Kerpe as a group and after we continue to work as individual. We designed stairs to Kerpe and that was amazing. The problem about that assignment was it was too short. I mean we went at Kocaeli and we worked on a site and after designing the stairs we were done. That’s it. I was expected to study in that site throughout the semester. 

We make a quick assignment that is about plan to section. We were given a plan that we think it as a section of a model and we designed that model. That was really quick to work on but when I think about it now I can say that it was an important assignment.  We have to see what happens next after that assignment. We have to be aware of what is coming.

The coming assignment was ‘GAPS’. The final work that we did for this semester. We were assigned to design a habitation environment and we had some programmatic elements to study. At the beginning of the project, we started to study sections. It was incredibly hard at first. We were drawing something but what? We had 2 pre-jury and one final jury on that project. I can say that, even though I had hard times at beginning I like this project. We had new experiences like working with sections and plans. To be honest, I liked to work with sections, I prefer to work sections than plans. 

I took the most loveable lesson, History of Architecture. I just like that lesson a lot and I really enjoyed while going that lesson. And I took the most horrible lesson at the same time which is Structure and Architecture. It was a combination of both physics and maths and that was really horrible. I hope I can pass it.  

Also, most of us began to work through computers. We used AutoCAD, SketchUp and photoshop. I can’t say we are expert of those programs now, but I can say we improved ourselves. While looking ‘pafta’s that our studio made, I really impressed.

So, as you can see we had a full-filled semester that is over now. While writing this blog post, I am on the road. I wish a good holiday to Arch201 studio.


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