Study on an Unbuilt Project| Fun Palace by Cedric Price

In our studio session, different from the other sessions, we took a lecture about Cedric Price and Fun Palace from Onur Özkoç. We knew Cedric Price from our Gaps project. In our assignment sheet, there was a quotation of him which gave inspiration our instructors. Now, let me give you my observations about Cedric Price and The Fun Palace.



Cedric Price is a British architect who was born in 1934 and died in 2003.  His projects were mostly unbuilt because his innovative and different ideas from his time. Cedric Price’s main difference from other architects was he was working with the time that we spend in a space instead of the distances.


The building that we saw in our lecture was “Fun Palace” which was again an unbuilt project. This was a solution to ruins of the social life from second world war. Because industrialization developed very fast and machines took human’s place there were an emptiness for people. So, this building was meant to answer this problem. It was a social project that serving to everyone. He man idea of Fun Palace was blurring boundaries. What I mean is that there is no certain space to make something in it. There is working areas with interact with leisure areas. And some gaps that are uncertain what they are for. They can shape through the need, change in time and shape according to those contrast spaces. They were in between. All spaces were flexible, and they were changing with the imagination and need of the users.

For me, the interesting part was the definition of gaps of uncertainty and changing spaces through users need. In my thought gaps of uncertainty was some gaps that are not used but in Fun Palace they were used as in between spaces. In one side there were work areas and other side fun areas and they were so interact that there is an uncertain gap between them.

Even though, all details were thought by the architects because it was a social project it couldn’t get permission from government. And in times the architect himself said that “now the idea is in past and there is no need to build it.” So, this package of interactive spaces became an unbuilt project.


A drawing of the Fun Palace

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