What Happens in Kerpe?

As Arch201 class, we went to Kocaeli/Kerpe for our first site trip. Even though the bus part of the trip was a little hard for me – because it was too long, and I have carsickness- the things that we saw in Kerpe was incredible. I think we are all impressed by the shape and proportions of the rocks. After we went there we shared the area to 5 groups ad every group work on their own parts. In this post I firstly talk about general observations and after that the observations about our part.

The first observation that I made when I saw the cliff was the layer of the cliff. You can see the layers whether you are close the cliff or not. These layers create somehow stairs appearance. It was not regular step by step stair because it was going inside and outside without any measurements. This situation sometimes helps us to go somewhere from somewhere and sometimes it blocks us. Also, we can experience different spatial conditions thanks to this formation.


img-4565.jpg(Layer formation of the Cliff)

Another general observation that I can say the changing the slope of the rocks. This change is a result of layering and it allows you to climb the rock or not.img-4497.jpg(Layers create slopy formation)

Our part was in the middle of the biggest rock. That’s why it was not easy to go there. The first reason for this as I said before the formation of the layers. It was only a small space for people that to go there and while going there you should bow. Another thing is the height of entrance of the cave. It was too high, so our friends should help each other to climb there.

Another experience about the part that we worked is about the cave. The cave has a void inside. This void creates a spatial experience for the people who are inside the cave. I personally didn’t experience the inside of the cave, but my friends said that it is changing direction and it has another opening.

IMG-4549.JPG                                   (Hard times while going to the cave)

IMG-4521(Entrance of the Cave) 

In conclusion, even though the area was slike stairs, it was not easy to walk around. Steps are formating layers and those layers sometimes allows you to walk and sometimes not.  

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