Stonehenge in Britain

All over the world there are some stones which are not exactly known what for. Stonehenge in Britain is one of them. You may know this structure from TV shows, movies etc. The first met with me and this structure is through a book. There was a chapter in Chronicles of Narnia which is describing an area that covered with huge stones. That is not exactly the Stonehenge but while imagining them I somehow dreamt them. In that time, I didn’t know that is a real thing and I saw them in my favorite TV Show ‘Doctor Who.’ Even though I met them couple of times, I’ve never searched them until these days. I decided to write what I learned from here so, if anyone interest about them it can be helpful.

 Firstly, the stones cloud like Stonehenge called as ‘cromlech.’ ‘Crom’ means corrugated and ‘lech’ means stone. ‘Corrugated Stone’ It is called this way because the structure on a sloping land and because of that some stones connect with each other in a sloping way.

I would like to give some basic information of Stonehenge. Over 100 massive upright stones placed in a circular layout in order to mad Stonehenge. The weight of the stones is changing and in that way their names are changing. Bluestones which are the smaller ones 4 tons and the bigger ones are 50 tons. Because of the weight of the stones, there is a mystery about how people in antiquity moved them. According to some theories, in the past there were more than 100 massive stones and there were closed to the city in that area. So, it was easy.

Other mystery about stones is function of the stones. Why they were built up, what was the aim these are still unknown. Generally, cromlechs were built up for marking holy places. In the middle of the Stonehenge there is holes which were filled by bones. After that stones were brought there. So, it was somehow a holy place even though it would be far from city people could move there for ritual activities. Another theory about the function of Stonehenge is astrological use of it. According to some research the positions of the stones were designed according to the Sun and the Moon movement. Because there is no roof at the top this is a significant theory.

These are the results of my research. I found them from a book which is named as “Architecture 101” by Nicole Bridge. Also, there are more information in this website. I didn’t actually go there but I would like to go and visit there. That’s all. 😊stonehenge-aerial.jpg

(this photo is taken from this website)

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