From Paragraph to Construct

My last post in Arch102 is about a paragraph and a diagram. In the same day we were also assigned to produce the paragraph in 3D. We were free to work any material we want if we can explain it. That is hard because we really didn’t know how to use some materials. That’s why as a group of 4, we decided to use black and white cardboard and sticks. Now, I will explain our ideas about the construct.

Firstly, in a whole, the construct should be locked in an exotic embrace. So, in order to do this, we create four different close space units and these units are coming together in the middle. We thought that using planar elements in a + shape we can emphasize the idea of locking.  But we mostly focused on the locking however forgot the exotic embrace we couldn’t move on the other part of the paragraph in the critique.

Also, there is black cardboards which are surrounding the white ones. And with this part we wanted to create a visual distinction. But because it should be a striking one we also make those parts bigger. However, there is a big critique about it. Because we use both proportion and color properties, our instructor said that it is too much. In addition to that, these black cardboards have less information than the white ones. So, it makes the idea of surrounding. But there is a funny moment in the critique. We use the word ‘shadow’ and because the black ones are black we took a lot of reaction. But that moment, we didn’t mean the real shadow. We studied a lot about shadow like how it can work on and we try to inspire from it but we couldn’t explain it. Anyway…


These are the photos of the construct.Yeni belge 2018-02-23 13.34.00_1 And this is our diageam. That letters represent the units and they are surrounding by the ‘shadows’ Also, we use + shapes in a different angels so that we could achieve a movement.

————————————————Fun Things———————————————-

After the critique we went a coffee and there was a wall which people can write whatever they want. And we decided to write these things which are nightmare for us :):)

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