Arcus Center For Social Justice

Studio Gang was founded by Jeanne Gang who is an architect and urban designer. They have offices in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. The founder of Studio Gang -Jeanne Gang- was born in 1964 in Belvidere, Illinois, USA. She is graduated from Harvard University. She got an award from the Women in Architecture and also, she is chosen the Architect of Year in 2014. Studio Gang said that: ‘We help people, organizations, and cities design their futures.’


Studio Gang designed Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership in 2014. While designing this kind of a building, they recognized that a meeting place for justice can be a kitchen, around the fire or a church basement etc. And these places mostly close areas. In order to break this idea, they produced a heart middle of the building and made the building with a concavity so that people can turn toward to the heart.  This heart has a fireplace and around the heart they have a kitchen, too. So that it serves the idea of being a meeting place.


(Heart of the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership)

sketch 3

(The idea for forcing people to meet in the middle of the Center)

In other point of view about this building is its lightning. While Studio Work was searching the meeting hall for the social justice, they saw that all that place somehow close and dark areas. But Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership is against for this idea. It designed to be the opposite. It can take all daylight so that justice can be seen.


Another property of the building is its texture. Because of Studio Gang’s nature and human idea, this building has a different texture. It is made up with a wood masonry. This wood masonry idea is assisting different features. One of them is basically about nature. It helps to reduce the CO2 that is produced by the building. And also, it helps to integrate with the environment of the building. Secondly, this wood idea is representing people. You may ask how? These woods have different sizes and different shapes like humans. So, they wanted to achieve it.


(All photos are taken by Steven Hall)

(Click for Studio Gang‘s website)

(All sketches belongs to Studio Gang and we found them in here)

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