Feel and Experience The Architecture (Experiencing Architecture)

 While listening a music, did you have different feelings? Or while looking a painting, did you try to explain it or did you just try to experience it? It is the same for architectural buildings. As the writer of this book (Experiencing Architecture) he thinks that architecture is one type of art and like all art products it should be experienced rather than explained.

    Experiencing Architecture is written in 1959 by Teen Eiler Rasmussen he was an architect and an urban planner. T. E. Rasmussen summarized his book like ‘’ the work about how we understand our environment.’’  It has very understandable language because it is not only written for architects. It is written for everyone that are interested in architecture.

   The chapter that we read is chapter 1:Basic Observations. It was related to our last session:texture and it was discussing how architecture works. But it was really interesting that I really enjoyed while I was reading it. It is because, it has very different for explaining the texture and experiencing the architecture. For example, according to Rasmussen architects are very similar with landscape gardener. He says that ‘’ No matter how beautiful gardener’s conception of a garden may be it will, nevertheless, be a failure if it is not the right environment for the plants, if they can not flourish it.’’ It is the same for architect,too. They are also working with livings thing which are much more complex than plants.So that, they have to think all aspect of a building.

   Another example that I loved is the part of S. Maria Maggiore example. I liked that part because it was the pure example of how should we experience the architecture. Rasmussen saw the boys that are played a kind of ball game was really experiencing the church wall’s capacity but the tourists was only seeing those walls not feeling them.

  About the texture part, it was very interesting because Rasmussen was explaining texture with a cup. So you can easily understand the form of that cup. I also learned that texture was important but also where we use those implements are important,too. Because sometimes you can’t get the right expression due to form of that place.

  In conclusion, architecture is not something that somebody explains it you with words you should feel and experience it with your own. Rasmussen said that ‘’For even the most precise description, enumerating all visible characteristics, will not give inkling of what we feel is the essence of thing itself.’’

       The best buildings have been produced when the architect has been inspired by something in the problem which will give the building a distinctive stamp. -T.E Rasmussen

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