Vers Une Architecture (Towards An Architecture)


‘Vers Une Architecture’ as known name ‘Towards an Architecture’. This book is published at in France. At the beginning , Le Corbusier published this book as an article in a magazine whose name is L’Esprit Nouveau. And then they  put together all those articles. Because the book was written in a magazine, it as more common language and in order to get attention it was written a tough language. Again, because it  was written part by part it has a lot of repetation and those repetations make the book morke provocative.  

In this book, Le Corbusier critizes the improvement of the engineering and the stability of architecture.

”The engineer’s aesthetic and archictecture is two things that match together an follow one from the other: the one being now at its full height, the other in an unhappy state of retrogression.”

As you can understand the quotation above, ‘the one being now its full height’ is engineering. Why? It is because  important, architects are using that kind of things today,too. But in that time, arengineers are using the harmony, mathematic and technology together. So you may think why they are so important? For that time architects were stuck in sterotypes. So they were producing the same thing with no correction. Of course peple didn’t say anything because as human being we need a house. So as long as we need houses, architecture will always there. But as an architect we can’t misuse this understanding.

”People still believe here and there in architects, as they believe blindly in all doctors”

In another thing that  I want to mention about is why engineers are in its full height and why they prevent from architecture. In that time as I can understood, architects are only using old things with no change. Engineers changed thats why it is in its full height. Change is a must.

In this book, engineering is not for something that comparasing with architecture. Of course sometimes it is comparasing but in general it is for example. What I mean is that even though their aim is not making beautiful things, using math and science makes those thing beautiful and it makes them prevent from architecture. That’s why Le Corbusier used the engineer’s aesthetic in his book in order to refer them as an example. Showing the architects what wil happen if they just use basic geomethric shapes.

Also, in the book, Le Corbusier is explaining somethings that are needed for architects. Mass, surface and plan. That are basic of architecture I think.

In the book, the most effective thing for me is its language. Even though it has well-clear language, it’s poking you to think about it. Yes it has clear language whereas I couldn’t understad it at one time. Also, another thingthat I like is that  Le Corbusier didn’t throw away the architecture. He never said that architecture is a useless thing. He always somehow find a solution for them. ‘You should do this, you should take inspire from engineers etc.’ I like it because I know he was an architect and the pioneer of the modern architecture but he could just say ‘you are doing wrong.’ So that’s why I like it.Just last thing I would like to tell, yes sometimes architecture can drops back, but we always need architecture and that aesthetic. 


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